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Jeong-Do Management

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LUSEM's management principle means creation of value for custoners and respect based management

What is LUSEM's "Management by principle"?

LUSEM's own way to behave to grow their their ability based on ethical management and fairty compete.
Management by principle doesn't simply mean ethical management. It truly means creation of actual result through ability to win from a competition
Becoming the world's No.1 DDI Con\mpany who satisfies customers through management by principle and strictly takes responsibility on customers,

Cyber Shinmoongo(civil affairs office)

It is a place to report excessive demands of employees of LUSEM, unfair behavior, violation related to accounting stand ards. The defalts of report will be checked by the bureau of ethics at LUSEM and reply to you with a result.
It protects persmnal infomation of informer, so you can always report with an easy mind.

Ethics Hotline