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A company that has the world's best productivily

LUSEM was estabilished joint invesrment of LG Co., Ltd. and Oki Electric Industry Co., Led in Japan in July 2004,and completed setting up equipments and construstion of factory in the shortest time in the world.

We are trying our best to become the World's No.1 company in Display Drive IC Packaging field by Cost innovation and satisfation of quality. Also, we accomplishing the development of us all through development of company, and realizing fun enviroment in workplace with passion, ownership, spirit of innovation.

All the members of board and employees of LUSEM with try their best to estabilish an operation system that copes promptly with demands of customer, secure the best production technology in the world, creare proft and employment as a global leading company in display parts market, and raise the stahdard of Korean technology in the world

We thank tou in advance for your interest in LUSEM and encouragement, Thank you.

CEO /LUSEM Co,. Ltd. Dongchan Kim