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Company Introdution

. LUSEM intends to become the world's No.1 DDL packing company World's No.1 is for one who dreams and practices.

LUSEM is a company that LG Co., Ltd. and Oki Electric Industy Co., Ltd in Japan jointly ventures and established in July 2004, and it belongs to LG as a subsidiary.(
The company produces Drive IC which is a core part of FPD and intends to become the world's No.1 with passion, owner spirit, and spirit of renovation. We are creating a myth of become the world's No.1 in the field of display semiconductor by continuous development of technology and quality.


address:23B 5L, Natonal 4th complex, Gupo-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 730-400 KOREA
President:Dongchan Kim찬
Estabilishment:July 7th,2004
Product:Drive IC(TCP,COF), LED, RFID, T-CON
Production scope:Monthly 34M pieces of Drive IC
Business class:Production, Service
Business type:Elements for semiconductor
Peculiar matter:Company with forengn investment, high technology accompanying Business