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Wafer Testing
Wafer test is a process to check whether the function or performance of the device matches the design specification by probing the entire chip on the wafer using each IC exclusive tester. O/S Check, and whether the function is active or not. In this process, only the good Die is selected. Injection is performed on the surface of the chip, so that it is excluded in the subsequent assembly process. Most of these processes are done automatically by Auto Wafer Prober.
Produce Specification
Produce Specification
Application Vendor Model Specification Remark
(Pin mux, Pattern mux)
DDI T6371(ND1) 250MHz
Advantest T6372(ND2) 437.5MHz
T6373(ND3) 437.5MHz HSIF : 1.25GHz, HSDR2 : 2.0GHz
(When module is installed on prober card)
T6391(ND4) 1.25GHz 2GHz (License)
Yokogawa TS670 80MHz
ST6730A 375MHz
ST6731A 375MHz 1.25GHz(GSIO)
PTEST Process Introduction


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