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COF Process description

01. Sawing
The Saw process is a process of dividing hundreds of individual chips with a circular wafer pattern into individual chips by cutting along the scribe line of the bumped wafer using a high precision Biade
02. ILB
Process for forming electrical path to the outside using thermo-compression method of bump of DDI and inner lead of film by using high temperature bonding tool
03. Potting
In order to protect the circuit part of chip including junction part of ILB process from external physical, chemical, mechanical, point electrical environment and to ensure reliability of product, sealer made of liquid epoxy resin base is coated with Dispenser Sealing process
04. Marking
Drive IC assembly process is the last step of the process, in which information related to product production is codified and displayed on the surface of the product
05. Testing
The process of inspecting whether the electric function or performance of the device works according to the original intention by using the auto handler


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