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COF (Chip on Film) is a type of Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) created in the United States as an alternative to Wire Bonding and has been continuously developing up to now.
By connecting the chip and the film acting as a substrate, it plays a role to exchange signals with external electronic components.
It is mainly applied to TV, Monitor, Notebook, etc. Recently, it is widely applied to high-performance display products such as Automotive and Smartphone, and has the following features.

  • 1Fine Pitch
  • 2High I/O Counts
  • 3Low Profile(Thin, Flexible) & Low Weight
  • 4Reliability
LB Lusem has been making continuous progress in COF Package technology since 2004, and now provides various solutions to customer requirements such as 2 Metal, Tape Attach, Thermal Reduce, SMT COF, etc.
  • 1ML Normal
  • 2ML
  • Thermal Resin
  • Thermal Tape
COF Process Introduction


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