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LB Way


Respect and Happiness

  • Respect each individual, be considerate of the other person's point of view, acknowledge diversity
  • Employees' happiness based on work-life balance, company-family balance, and desirable workplace culture.

  • respect for individuals
  • consideration for the other person
  • work-life, company-family balance
  • Desirable workplace culture where employees can be happy
  • Shared growth of companies, customers and members


Change and Challenge

  • Respond preemptively to the trends and demands of the times by taking the lead in change without being complacent.
  • Create new value beyond what customers want based on self-interest and creativity without avoiding challenging goals

  • constant interest and observation in the future
  • Purpose and Value in the Long sight
  • Respond to the needs of customers and the times one step ahead
  • Daring attempt to refuse to settle down in reality
  • Healthy competition for common goals


Passion and Talent

  • Constantly foster specialized competitiveness based on ownership and leadership
  • Fostering/exploiting top-notch talent, providing reasonable rewards and constant opportunities for self-development

  • Constant self-innovation
  • Top-level specialized competitiveness
  • Self-directed immersion under principles, ethics and responsibilities
  • Trust and recognition from customers and partners
  • Due treatment of talent


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